American Apparel: Your New BFF

By Mr. Fabulous
American Apparel makes outrageous, ridiculous, and very short clothing, emphasis on the very short. Often times, people are turned off by the way the clothes are displayed. But American Apparel has a lot to offer, if you know how to coordinate outfits. So today we will feature two distinct looks: a skirt and a top, and we will turn them from fantastically skanky to fabulously fashionable.

This shiny gold pencil skirt is actually the hottest thing in fashion today. Designers like Versace have taken notice of this craze, releasing new collections centering around the gold pencil skirt. Wear the skirt with either a simple black blouse or a long-sleeve black shirt to cover up as much skin as possible. Wearing simple black heels will also help make the outfit more wearable. Some form of black hosiery is also highly recommended to add sophistication to the outfit. If going short sleeve, a simple black watch or bracelet will also achieve the desired affect.

The second of the two looks is much harder to pull off. It is the short cut tunic. While the display shows it as being a hoochi-mama's dream come true, with some simple tweaks it can actually become a hot fashion statement. The first thing we need to do is switch the garment from a dress to a top. Also, wearing it as a one shoulder piece will also add flavor to the top. Also, pair the short tunic with some black skinny jeans. While this will look a little baggy, it's a much more appropriate way of wearing it. Sometimes, the whole baggy look can work. Pairing it with an extra large necklace will heighten the baggy look, which can be executed very well by some. If you have a very small frame, unfortunately, this tunic will not work for you, as it is far too revealing as a dress. When determining if a dress is too short, if you cant wear it to work, you shouldn't buy it. Don't limit your wardrobe by selecting pieces that aren't wearable everywhere. By selecting more responsible outfit choices, you can rebuild your wardrobe and make it totally fab.

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  1. Anonymous July 27, 2009 at 9:37 PM
    ok so i didn't know American apparel had that dress.. and i was totally looking for a dress just like that. i am going to the store RIGHT NOW. you're awesome. Thanks mr. fab!

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