Is Short too Short for Runway?

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A new trend on the runway has been to take the once long dress, and cut it way short. But is shorter always better? Here are two snapshots from the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show in Bryant Park, New York. Heidi Klum and Josh stone both rock stunning red dresses, but who looks better?

Schedule: 7/27-8/1

By Mr. Fabulous
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American Apparel: Your New BFF

By Mr. Fabulous
American Apparel makes outrageous, ridiculous, and very short clothing, emphasis on the very short. Often times, people are turned off by the way the clothes are displayed. But American Apparel has a lot to offer, if you know how to coordinate outfits. So today we will feature two distinct looks: a skirt and a top, and we will turn them from fantastically skanky to fabulously fashionable.

This shiny gold pencil skirt is actually the hottest thing in fashion today. Designers like Versace have taken notice of this craze, releasing new collections centering around the gold pencil skirt. Wear the skirt with either a simple black blouse or a long-sleeve black shirt to cover up as much skin as possible. Wearing simple black heels will also help make the outfit more wearable. Some form of black hosiery is also highly recommended to add sophistication to the outfit. If going short sleeve, a simple black watch or bracelet will also achieve the desired affect.

The second of the two looks is much harder to pull off. It is the short cut tunic. While the display shows it as being a hoochi-mama's dream come true, with some simple tweaks it can actually become a hot fashion statement. The first thing we need to do is switch the garment from a dress to a top. Also, wearing it as a one shoulder piece will also add flavor to the top. Also, pair the short tunic with some black skinny jeans. While this will look a little baggy, it's a much more appropriate way of wearing it. Sometimes, the whole baggy look can work. Pairing it with an extra large necklace will heighten the baggy look, which can be executed very well by some. If you have a very small frame, unfortunately, this tunic will not work for you, as it is far too revealing as a dress. When determining if a dress is too short, if you cant wear it to work, you shouldn't buy it. Don't limit your wardrobe by selecting pieces that aren't wearable everywhere. By selecting more responsible outfit choices, you can rebuild your wardrobe and make it totally fab.

Friday and Saturday

By Mr. Fabulous
Due to the fact I will not be here Saturday, the schedule is going to change a little. Friday's post will be later this evening, along with any questions or comments I receive. Questions that are sent in tomorrow will also be answered on Sunday. Thanks a bunch fashionistas.

Versace: Future Fab

By Mr. Fabulous
Everyone has a favorite designer, and for me, it's Versace. For both men and women, Versace makes cutting edge clothing that is sure to impress everyone. With chic designs and strong cuts, Versace is an international house of fashion that sells an entire lifestyle. For women, Versace's cut of clothing is always on the masculine side, establishing a sense of feminine power while still being ultra fabulous. Check out this little number.

This outfit here is a classic Versace look. A once conventional masculine outfit (oxford shirt and shorts) has morphed into a stylish feminine garment. Shimmering pants paired with glimmering aqua heels and beige bengals add flares of femininity while the outfit keeps its masculine form.Or, check out this Versace staple.

Versace's classic coat as a dress look is emphasized in this outfit. The black silver leggings help bring an older style coat into the future. Also, the size of the coat makes it a classic Versace piece. Extra large outfits create a strong masculine sense, while the silver heels make it wearable for a woman. Definite fab. So, how can you get this look for less? EASY! An oversized grey or ivory coat with a large high-wasted belt will highlight your figure and give you the futuristic Versace look. Also, simple colored heels (like in grey, ivory, or silver) with no accents will help bring your look together. Straight cut black dresses with hints of silver are also a classic Versace look, and very easy to duplicate.

Pops of Color in Dull Suits

By Mr. Fabulous
Don't worry men, your fashion is not going to be compromised. While many men feel that the fashion industry is heavily bias to women (and this is true), men have a significant benefit over women: men's fashion is by far cheaper. Men have the ability to purchase designer ties for much, much less. A new Versace tie can cost around $150, maybe even less depending on the store and the quality. So guys, use this to your advantage. Today's tip: add color! Suits are generally very dull and conservative, but don't let your ties fall into that problem. Wearing bold ties (whether it's a bold color or bold pattern) can make your suits stand out more, and give you more versatility out of an otherwise static wardrobe. Check out this pink tie as a more reserved way of adding color.

(Valentino:$98 from
Or, for a bolder pattern, try out this Pucci tie.

($135 from

So, as you can see, bold and bright ties can add a wonderful pop of color to a dull wardrobe, while still being more affordable than the women's counterpart. Just don't overdo it on the color. Please, keep the electric blue suits in storage.

Pencil Skirts and Denim Skirts

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Can you guess which one is the must have? That’s right, the pencil skirt! Pencil skirts are all the rage as their slim style is a total classic for anyone’s wardrobe. But why not the denim skirt? Most of the time, the denim skirt is very short and quite frankly very slutty. However, sometimes it can be done well.

Here, the denim skirt is upgraded with a high waste and more flowy bottom. While much better than the original piece, the upgraed denim skirt is just too difficult to pull off a great look with. Pencil skirts, however, are much more practical.
That said, pencil skirts can get fairly pricey. Check out these two options.

As you can see, the top designers have really placed a lot of emphasis on their pencil skirts. Aren’t they fabulous? Well, your wallet may not feel the same way. The first design (the hot pink one) is a trend setting skirt from Dior, and it will cost you a mere $890. Think that’s outrageous? The second piece is a shiny leather pencil skirt done by Versace which will set you back $1,565. Now that the price tags have shocked you, do not fret. Hip pencil skirts do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. For less than 5% of the Versace number, you can achieve the same exact look, and have money to spend on fabulizing it.

($60 from Banana Republic. Also available in white and grey)

Banana Republic still remains my number one choice for chic for less. BR has a wide variety of must have pieces for building your wardrobe. In short, it’s a must. While a little more expensive than a cheaper version of the pencil skirt (such as ones from Express or the Limited), Banana Republic by far is the highest quality.

Chanel's Gothic Experiment

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Today's runway chic is all about the gothic look. Dark hair, pale skin, and bright red lipstick create the foundations of this ultra hip style. Chanel, the icon for cream wool and black sashes has been one of the largest houses to embrace the gothic world with open arms.

The first comes from New York's spring 2009 Fashion Week. The oversized black head pieces contrast the pale skin. In the second, the designers at Chanel infused bright red throughout the black dress. The model is also contorted, which adds intense drama to the piece.

So, now that you got a brief preview about what gothic fashion is, it's time to achieve that look on your own for much, much less. So the first step to getting down the goth is a bright lipstick. The obvious choice would be red, but be careful. A bright red would stand out too much. Select a shade with tints of black in it; this will reduce the intensity of the face and make the outfit more wearable. Second, pick an asymmetrical dress. A one shoulder black dress like this one is stylish enough to get tons of wear out of it, while also providing a pop of gothic flare to spice up your night.

($53 from

Now, the heel. Shoes are a woman's best friend, and this dress gives you the room to go a little crazy. I would go with a black heel with thin glimmering straps. This will add a burst of sheen to your outfit while still keeping it affordable. Choose a thin heel for a more slimming and dramatic effect. Next, hair pieces and jewelry. If our goal is to create a gothic-inspired outfit that's functional, we have a few options for a headband. I suggest one similar to the headband in the Chanel advertisement; just make sure the accent is on the opposite side as the flower on the dress, that way, you'll help balance out your look. Finally, the bling. Go for drama! Choose a necklace that accentuates the drama in the dress. That means, go for one big pendant. This will add intensity to your look while also keeping it as classy as you are.

User Submissions and Writing Schedule

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Happy monday fashionistas! Before we begin the start of a long series of fashion posts, there are still a few kinks to work on. First is when there will be new posts. Every monday, expect to see a new post in the evening. However, tuesday through sunday, new posts will be added in the early morning. Now, you may be asking yourself why. Fear not! The reason is that here at Fab Fashion, we encourage our readers to send in articles they want on the site. So, send in your fabu fashion articles in by monday of each week if you want them to appear on the site for that week. Don't worry about what section they belong in, we'll take care of that. So start writing! And expect our first post on the site tonight.

Preview 7/20-7/26

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Hello fashionistas! Tomorrow kicks off the first of many fashion-forward posts! So, to tantalize your taste buds, here's a sneak peak of what's to come this week:

Monday: The Gothic Runway
Tuesday: The Pencil Skirt and the Denim Skirt
Wednesday: Adding Color to your Dull Suits
Thursday: Versace Untamed
Friday: American Apparel: Your New BFF

So we have a fairly busy week. Each day, new posts will be added relating to the theme of the day. So on tomorrow, for example, expect to see new posts about hot runway fashion with a gothic flare.