Pops of Color in Dull Suits

By Mr. Fabulous
Don't worry men, your fashion is not going to be compromised. While many men feel that the fashion industry is heavily bias to women (and this is true), men have a significant benefit over women: men's fashion is by far cheaper. Men have the ability to purchase designer ties for much, much less. A new Versace tie can cost around $150, maybe even less depending on the store and the quality. So guys, use this to your advantage. Today's tip: add color! Suits are generally very dull and conservative, but don't let your ties fall into that problem. Wearing bold ties (whether it's a bold color or bold pattern) can make your suits stand out more, and give you more versatility out of an otherwise static wardrobe. Check out this pink tie as a more reserved way of adding color.

(Valentino:$98 from forzieri.com)
Or, for a bolder pattern, try out this Pucci tie.

($135 from forzieri.com)

So, as you can see, bold and bright ties can add a wonderful pop of color to a dull wardrobe, while still being more affordable than the women's counterpart. Just don't overdo it on the color. Please, keep the electric blue suits in storage.

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  1. Seam So Good July 28, 2009 at 10:36 AM
    Hey Mr. Fab! Love the Pucci tie...we would make quite a pair with the Pucci dress we've got going at Fillmore Expansion! Perhaps your tie and my dress could grab a drink sometime??
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