Versace: Future Fab

By Mr. Fabulous
Everyone has a favorite designer, and for me, it's Versace. For both men and women, Versace makes cutting edge clothing that is sure to impress everyone. With chic designs and strong cuts, Versace is an international house of fashion that sells an entire lifestyle. For women, Versace's cut of clothing is always on the masculine side, establishing a sense of feminine power while still being ultra fabulous. Check out this little number.

This outfit here is a classic Versace look. A once conventional masculine outfit (oxford shirt and shorts) has morphed into a stylish feminine garment. Shimmering pants paired with glimmering aqua heels and beige bengals add flares of femininity while the outfit keeps its masculine form.Or, check out this Versace staple.

Versace's classic coat as a dress look is emphasized in this outfit. The black silver leggings help bring an older style coat into the future. Also, the size of the coat makes it a classic Versace piece. Extra large outfits create a strong masculine sense, while the silver heels make it wearable for a woman. Definite fab. So, how can you get this look for less? EASY! An oversized grey or ivory coat with a large high-wasted belt will highlight your figure and give you the futuristic Versace look. Also, simple colored heels (like in grey, ivory, or silver) with no accents will help bring your look together. Straight cut black dresses with hints of silver are also a classic Versace look, and very easy to duplicate.

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