Chanel's Gothic Experiment

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Today's runway chic is all about the gothic look. Dark hair, pale skin, and bright red lipstick create the foundations of this ultra hip style. Chanel, the icon for cream wool and black sashes has been one of the largest houses to embrace the gothic world with open arms.

The first comes from New York's spring 2009 Fashion Week. The oversized black head pieces contrast the pale skin. In the second, the designers at Chanel infused bright red throughout the black dress. The model is also contorted, which adds intense drama to the piece.

So, now that you got a brief preview about what gothic fashion is, it's time to achieve that look on your own for much, much less. So the first step to getting down the goth is a bright lipstick. The obvious choice would be red, but be careful. A bright red would stand out too much. Select a shade with tints of black in it; this will reduce the intensity of the face and make the outfit more wearable. Second, pick an asymmetrical dress. A one shoulder black dress like this one is stylish enough to get tons of wear out of it, while also providing a pop of gothic flare to spice up your night.

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Now, the heel. Shoes are a woman's best friend, and this dress gives you the room to go a little crazy. I would go with a black heel with thin glimmering straps. This will add a burst of sheen to your outfit while still keeping it affordable. Choose a thin heel for a more slimming and dramatic effect. Next, hair pieces and jewelry. If our goal is to create a gothic-inspired outfit that's functional, we have a few options for a headband. I suggest one similar to the headband in the Chanel advertisement; just make sure the accent is on the opposite side as the flower on the dress, that way, you'll help balance out your look. Finally, the bling. Go for drama! Choose a necklace that accentuates the drama in the dress. That means, go for one big pendant. This will add intensity to your look while also keeping it as classy as you are.

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